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About Zombie Mayhem Online


Zombie Mayhem Online is a scary metropolis for individuals who love to explore and the ability to turn into zombies like in cult movies.

Zombie Mayhem Online offers fun killing games for you if you want. Visit one of three locations: Halloween city, dark city, or ancient city.

You have to complete 10 levels in any given level, killing a certain amount of zombies along the way. There will be more than twenty different types of vampires.
There are six different weapons in the set, but there is one requirement: you must earn money for weapons by eliminating zombies in order to use them. However, you won't have any weapons and you will only have rudimentary gun protection. In Zombie Mayhem Online, at first, just eliminating the enemy is enough.

There are too many dead people wandering around. What can you do with it, if anything? Can you eliminate them one by one? You will get a specific amount for killing zombies. These coins can be used to unlock new weapons.

* Three maps with ten levels each
* Six weapons
* More than 20 different zombie breeds
* Zombie division mechanism

W A S D to move around Mouse to look around Left mouse button to shoot Right mouse button to aim mouse wheel to change weapon G to get grenade R to reload Left Shift to run left CTRL to crouch X to tilt V for melee Space to jump

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