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About Hole io


Hole io is a one-of-a-kind io game in which you control a black hole that must be the largest hole in the planet! You've been granted the opportunity to pilot a black hole - albeit a tiny one capable of devouring everything in its path. You may freely travel around a bustling metropolis, swallowing vehicles, people, fences, street lights, and even multi-story buildings, however your skills are limited at first, and you will have to start by eating a variety of tiny objects. There are also other black holes in the region to keep you from getting bored or feeling invincible - they all want to eat and expand, but there can only be one leader - the quickest and hungriest of them all.

Feature :  

  • Two big and beautiful maps to play: City and Island
  •  Moving cars and persons
  •  Three minutes match
  •  Various objects to devour
  •  3D graphics with cool effects
  •  Three difficulty options: easy, medium, and hard

You'll have more energy and comfort if you include run 3 in your collection of daily amusement; it's a game that everyone enjoys.

How to play

To control the movement of the hole, use the left mouse button.

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