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About Run 3


Run 3 is an addictive running game in which you have to control an Alien to race through tunnels and run as far as possible. Stay away from the deep!

Are you ready to explore the fanciful space? Welcome to the world of Run 3 where you can transform into a Alien to explore the endless universe. Participate in this game now to join the adventures of an Alien. Your mission is to run as long as possible while avoiding falling into deep space. There are numerous walls full of holes inside the track, which you must jump over or slide along to rotate the entire hallway. Use your up arrow key to jump and left or right arrow keys to change platforms. When you run and achieve a certain race length, the number of walls automatically increases. Note that there are some brown sections of the road that will collapse when you go up. Therefore, run as fast as possible when reaching these roads.

The longer you run, the more money you can get. Besides that, you can earn money by receiving rewards after each achievement. Use earned money to unlock the character's skins. There is a game leaderboard for you to follow the top players of Run 3. If you are a new player of Run 3, let's see the leaderboard to follow your position and practice to catch up on achievements of other players. If you are a master, it is convient for you to check your position and compete for  the leading rank.

This game consists of two game modes, including Explore mode and Infinite mode. Taking part in Explore mode will bring you feelings of achievement when finishing each level, while Infinite mode helps you show your bravery when running on the endless track. Choose your favorite mode to enjoy the greatest moments in Run 3!

Developer: Joseph Cloutier created and released this game, which is now available in HTML5. Run 3 may be played in your browser without the need to download or install anything.

Features of Run 3

  • Simple mechanics and easy to controls
  • Unlimited gameplay - hop over barriers or dash along walls Unique visuals for 3D gameplay.
  • You can unlock nine characters with improved skills to aid you in your survival.
  • Cool graphics and art animations
  • Various game modes
  • Check the leaderboard to follow your position
  • Gain coins and achievements to unlock new character's skins

How to play

  • Use the Arrow keys to move
  • Space bar to jump.

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