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About G-Switch 3


G-Switch 3 , a 2D side-scrolling, the action-packed running game developed by Serius Games. G-Switch 3 , allows you to defy gravity and pass through all obstacles. Travel through each checkpoint without throw away or being destroyed!


Follow the course, modify gravity as needed to race along with the ceiling, change directions, and jump huge distances! Collect hidden orbs strewn throughout the levels to unlock amazing new characters! However, proceed with caution as your running speed grows, as do the hazards you will encounter! How far will you be able to run?


  • The game's simple controls make it simple to understand right away.
  • Excellent music that entices you to listen to the song's next portion.

In addition, you can completely play run 3 a game that is being competed by a large number of people, how many levels do you pass here?


How to play

To change the gravity, click or hit any key.

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