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About Block Magic Puzzle


Block Magic Puzzle is a hint building game to create fun and variety and earn points when you line 1 line. How many points can you score?
- The block puzzle game is one of the classic game games that are so familiar to us, especially those who were once fascinated with the four-button handheld jigsaw. Although the form is somewhat monotonous, the sound is simple, the gameplay is nothing special, etc., but indeed, the puzzle game of that day still possesses a strange charm, making us can play puzzles for hours. the clock does not know boredom.
- Playing jigsaw puzzles on mobile phones or computers is the choice of many people today, from office workers, to students, regardless of gender or age. Although the puzzle game is a classic game that has been around for a long time, up to now, this game still attracts a large number of players.
- It is a simple, but at the same time challenging and addictive game with 5 modes that make this game so much more varied and interesting.
- In addition, you will be competing with other players, achievements and a lot of unforgettable emotions when beating your own record

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How to play:
It is necessary to move blocks from the bottom board with three random blocks to the playing field. The main goal is to score as many points as possible. Points are awarded for placing a block on the map and for destroying lines with blocks. The loss occurs when there is no more free space on the card to install the block. Careful to get high score

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