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About Tom Runner


Help the cat in the game Tom Runner run and avoid different obstacles on the road, run as far as possible and score the highest score

Looks like Tom has taken something, and the powerful farmer's master is now after him! Join Tom the cat animation in Tom Runner as you assist him in navigating a level with multiple obstacles. You will visit many places in this game, from the open countryside to the crowded city. Do you believe you can avoid being caught within a certain distance?

Go Tom Go! Our cute cat heroine needs to run as fast as she can because there's a determined pursuer behind her. Tom needs to keep moving, so your goal in this game is to do your best to avoid obstacles. Click the screen to get started. Immediately, Tom will start moving. To protect him from many dangers on the road, you just need to use the arrow keys. In the game, you will encounter some difficulties, such as city traffic and barriers. Tom can control with arrow keys. He can be rotated around using the left and right arrow keys.

To avoid some obstacles, press down arrow key; To jump over others, press the up arrow key. To help you a little, you can collect a variety of power-ups. You should make as much money as you can besides those. As a result, your points will increase and you can use them in the shop to unlock and use different products on Tom.

Use arrow keys

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