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About Swipe Runner


Swipe Runner is a game that challenges you with a number of obstacles, here choose a vehicle and swipe left or right to move to the finish line before your opponent

You will go through a long and dangerous road in this game. There will be a lot of hills to climb up and down. But no matter what obstacles stand in your way or how hard you have to work, you should prevail and finish ahead of your opponent. Therefore, you must carefully choose your mode of transportation to reach each of these areas.

Now, depending on your preference, swipe the car selections left or right. Move the displayed material to the right if you want to use it; if not, drag it to the left. Choose from tall skyscraper sticks, bikes and cars on ramps or other details. Simply run faster than your opponent's speed to get all the points!

This is a brand new race where you have to choose a car. It's time to swipe in Swipe Runner to choose the coolest car that will help you advance! You have to go faster than your opponent because the route is long and full of dangers. Smartly consider the best ways to get there today.

Level of entertainment and compulsion
Simple controls
Several different types of cars to choose from
Vivid 3D graphics
To complete some levels

Swipe to change vehicle type and move, you can also move your car with arrow keys

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