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About Super Buddy Run


Super Buddy Run is a fascinating game, you transform into a cloth doll character to participate in an adventure full of adventure, he can't stop running, help him

A thrilling and dangerous journey awaits you in Super Buddy Run! You have to support your mate to complete the craziest marathon and interplanetary jump. However, you will face some deadly challenges that make it impossible for you to complete this mission. Start the game now, if you have the guts, and go to different languages!

You must support your friend to jump to survive in an environment full of danger and scary wild monsters. You can jump on the screen by touching the screen with your finger or mouse. You have to be very careful to avoid the challenges that lie on your way. To avoid tripping, keep an eye on the game and time your moves correctly.

Your dearest friend will die because of a mistake you made. In addition to cutting edges, machines, and deep seas, you should stay away from bees, crabs, and many other large and scary animals. After completing the first level, the world of your adventure will change and you will encounter new threats that match the theme of the world.

As the game progresses and you earn more stars, you can spend them to upgrade features and modify your skin. Please sit down and start the game if you are prepared.

- Colorful, attractive 3D graphics
- Many levels for you to complete
- Many adventure worlds for you to explore

Use mouse to play this game!

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