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About Stickman Rusher


Your opponents in Stickman Rusher have no idea what's coming for them. They'll get a taste of your sword and understand there are still heroes out there that are a threat to their very survival. Are you prepared to race to the finish line and battle your way through a variety of locations in order to face the ultimate boss?

Beware of those who resist me! This world stinks of filth and wickedness, and here I am, ready to vanquish the darkness. Did we succeed in instilling confidence in you? Good! It will come in handy. Because the war is right outside your door in this world, and there are limitless creatures to slay. They feel they have the ability to govern over others, that their lord is unrivaled in power. They are completely incorrect! Arm yourself with your sword and prepare to battle your way through this planet to prove who the true ruler is. You'll come across a variety of traps designed just for you along the road. Jump to avoid them, and when you notice an opponent approaching, use the space bar to throw them back where they came from. On the ground, you'll find stars as well as diamonds. The stars will provide you with extra points to help you get a high score, while the diamonds will assist you in purchasing new weaponry. To have a better chance against the final boss, you'll need these weapons. Best of luck! 

Feature : 

  • Challenging and addictive gameplay
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Many different places to clear
  • Different weapons to buy

How to play

  • Up arrow key : Jump
  • Space bar : Kill your enemies


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