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About Squidly Game Hide And Seek


More than a year has passed, but Squidly Game Hide And Seek is a game inspired by the movie Squid game has never cooled down when players are satisfied with the feeling of being able to overcome all those challenges. !

There are many famous games in this movie, inspired by the movie, Squidly Game Hide-and-Seek is a game of hide and seek with ink game theme.

In this game you can play as catcher or escapee. As you are the catcher, you need to catch all the escapees in the three rounds of the game.

When you're the fugitive, you mustn't get caught even once in three rounds! Try to be the best catcher or escape!
Are you ready? Which role do you want to join the most?
Enjoy both roles, you'll be thrilled

- Exciting gameplay in this genre!
- Beautiful and colorful graphics!
- Challenging gameplay
- Intuitive interface!
- Easy controls

Click WSAD to move

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