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About Space Run


Space Run is a super cute and simple game, you help the character in the game move or fly over the obstacles ahead.

You should trust your feet to go further than ever with potential dangers and space rocks in your way! Do you believe you can pass through the surface without gravity for a certain amount of time??

To go as far as you can in this game. The risks in space are many, and the difficulties in this game are also many. Click the play button on the main menu to start training with your galaxy. While navigating on a strange planet may seem daunting at first, the controls of this game are actually quite simple.

Arrow keys can be used to maneuver your character. A pointed wall is chasing you on the left side of the screen. You must stay away from it at all costs, or you will perish. You can navigate the space rocks by pressing the up arrow key. A warning may sometimes appear on the screen.

Careful! It means a rocket is on its way to pull you back to the spikes. Your score is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. As you continue, you will get points

To play this game you need to use your arrow keys to help the alien character move

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