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About Sniper 3D


Sniper 3D challenges you to use your marksmanship to save defenseless victims from harm. Keep an eye on the streets of your city, take on assignments given to you from higher vantage points, and use your sniper rifle to wipe out the bad guys! Now is the time to accept your new employment, and we may immediately begin prowling the streets in search of criminals.

Your assistance is needed to locate and apprehend the criminals responsible for the damage done to the city. You have the ability to choose missions, get information on the offenders the authorities are looking for, and then utilize energy to bring them to justice! You have to complete the instructional level and get familiar with the game's controls before you can start earning missions. You are now prepared to take on the role of the next hero in your city. Being patient with your task is necessary since observation accounts for half of the job. Stay away from innocent bystanders and direct all of your attention at the criminals. While you wait for the signal, you should use the binoculars to obtain a better look at the situation. If there are a large number of perpetrators, you need to eliminate everyone as rapidly as possible before the other perpetrators begin firing about. You may continue playing the game if you refresh your energy by using diamonds or watching brief advertisements. Put aside some of the money you make at your job so that you may upgrade your firearms and do a better job protecting and serving the citizens of this city. 


  • First-person sniper game
  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • Energy system
  • Lots of levels to complete
  • Unlockable weapons
  • Available on mobile

How to play

You can use your mouse to play this game

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