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About Slope Run


Slope Run is a great game to entertain with thrilling races. Aim your ball to jump and avoid falling in different planets.

The ball will immediately start moving. Since it will not stop moving, you must control to steer the ball in the right direction so that it can jump through the wormholes. You will need to jump from platform to platform to achieve this goal while avoiding crashing. However, the platforms will make it difficult for you.

The platforms are arranged in an arbitrary fashion and have light brown backgrounds that will fall to the ground if you touch them. Jump over the platforms using the up arrow key. To select the target platform while jumping, you must also move sideways. Jumping is done by pressing the left and right arrow keys simultaneously.

Level and infinite are two options available. Selecting Infinite mode will give you the feeling that you are jogging on an endless distance. Put your name on the scoreboard by trying to get the highest score possible. You can choose Levels mode to play and progress through each level while gaining achievements.

You can play different branches by choosing a specific branch. There will be separate levels and topics for each branch. Themes like Dark, Winter or Box are all available. Each subject has a different difficulty and opportunity.

The game is responsive and has great visuals. You can play the game for fun and enter the universe in each level.

Use the mouse to play

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