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About Slope Ball


Slope Ball is a game that explores many new planets and mascots. Use a ball and rescue the mascot by overcoming obstacles and reaching the finish line.

You can move your character with left mouse button, up arrow key or spacebar. With just one button, the control of this game is very simple. But the game is never simple. You will have daring experiences when playing this game. Several challenges, including spikes, pits, animated hazards and saw blades, will be on your way. Other barriers are immobile, however dynamic risks can move. These obstacles continue to appear. When these roadblocks come suddenly, you must maintain your composure. Obstacles arise when the figure is close to them and disappear as they pass by.

T-Rex Tyrannosaurus, Giant Snake Titanoboa, Flying Monster Quetzalcoatlus, Fierce Bear Megatherium and Shark Megalodon are among the Dark Planet's mascots that need to be rescued by your ball. Evil is at war on this earth. As a monster, the mascot destroys this poor planet. To return them, look for jewelry.

This game will give you thrilling adventures using Ball as main character, just like Rolling Ball 3D game. However, this game will take you to a world full of adventure and 11 separate levels. There are unique difficulties on each level. The difficulty of the levels will increase. The challenges are getting harder and harder to overcome.

There are other things to support you through the challenge. Jumping is supported with jump cushion. Jumping into the air is not automatic, but hoops or balls can assist. To make the second leap, you have to click again. To get through the big spikes, you'll need these. However, you must exercise caution when using these products. Unnecessary things exist. Note lying on objects is important to pay attention. You can use objects if there is an arrow. If there is an X, you should not enter this entry. In addition, you need to follow the rules of the game.

Here, there are 7 portals and 7 characters in this game. The following characters can change into you: Ball, Ship, Cube, UFO, Robot, Wave and Spider. Each of these characters moves in a unique way.

By rolling the ball, the ball character can move. According to the slope of the map, the ball will automatically roll. The ball will land after spinning in the air as you jump up.

Automatic flight occurs for Character Ships. It will fly up after pressing the control button. When you press the control button, the spaceship will tilt and then dive.
Despite only spinning while performing aerial jumps, the cube still travels down the slope of the terrain. Depending on the height of the jump, the cube will land at an angle of 180 or 360 degrees.
Chinese characters move similar to UFO characters. However, the UFO has the ability to launch itself into the air again.
Move wise, the Robot character resembles the Cube character. However, when it comes to leapfrogging, it doesn't.
Wave motion is zigzag. After pressing the control button, this character's movement will change direction.
Despite moving independently, the Spider character moves similarly to the Cube character.
They can be seen passing through the portal of the same name. The color of the portal can be used to identify them.

UFO Gate: orange yellow
Wave Gate: light blue
Robot gate: white
Spider Gate: dark purple
Ship port: pink
Gate ball: orange
Gate cube: green

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