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About Slime Warrior Run


The righteous hero decided to save the city as a Slime man. Transform into a superhero in Slime Warrior Run, recharge your power by collecting many Smiles to save the city

To gain more power, he must collect Slimes. He will become a powerful Slime warrior after transforming! He will be able to lift the tank and not be afraid of gunfire!

All smartphones and tablets, including iPhone, iPad, Samsung and other Apple and Android operating systems, support playing this game.

The city has been attacked by evil villains, so the hero seeking justice chose to protect it while under the alias Slime Man. To increase his strength, he must collect slime, which can also protect him from injury.

He gains enormous strength when he transforms into a Slime warrior! He will be able to lift the tank and not be afraid of gunfire! 276 participants, or 98.1%, enjoy playing mobile games. Other comparable games

- Exciting gameplay in this genre! - Beautiful and colorful graphics! - Intuitive interface! - Easy controls!

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