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About Scary Wheels


The Crazy Wheels is a fun game in which the main goal is to manage his movement through the obstacles in order to reach the finish line safely. Survive lethal gauntlets of traps and perils, as well as your brakes turning against you as you try to reach the finish line of each stage. Scary Wheels may be played online with the level editor and custom-made participant levels. At this time, you can play Scary Wheels for free online.
Scary Wheels has a ton of cars and characters to unlock, and each level is a unique adventure. The problem of each degree is that there are hundreds of hazardous hazards on the road, and this sport is built on ragdoll-physics. It's not easy to accomplish things like grasp, hold, and toss things. 

Tips and tricks for Scary Wheels 

  • Don't try to go too quickly on your first try!
  • Replay levels to improve your ranking on the scoreboard.
  • To go safely through the stages, use the tilt controls correctly.

How to play

  • Left and right arrow keys - Lean left and right
  • Up and down arrow keys - Accelerate/decelerate
  • Z - Eject
  • C - Control camera
  • Space / Shift / Ctrl - Special abilities (vary by character)

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