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About Scary Huggy Playtime


Scary Huggy Playtime is free to play all the time, this is the game for those who love adventure, face and overcome your fear

You can choose different modes in this game, there are different modes for you to choose!

Here you will transform into a character in the game when trapped in a scary house and face the pursuit of Huggy. This is a game that makes you fall in love and can't leave your chair because you need to conquer it

You need to constantly avoid it to get out of there or you can also hide in different forms.
Or like Huggy, you need to find all the hidden humans to succeed.

It's really fun, don't be afraid, you can feel different adventures in different modes and experience reality from first person perspective and many new perspectives. Time to get into the game! Don't give up early

Choose hide or find to win the game

Mouse or touch to play.

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