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About Run Of Life 3D


Run Of Life 3D is a pleasant running game that changes into a girl who can see herself at any age. Collect items to improve yourself

In Run of Life 3D, your life is ahead! What will happen in your life and how you will grow is up to you!

You will start this game as a young girl. This is where your life in this simulation will begin. First and foremost, how your age will be affected by your decisions. You will have a lot of alternatives to choose from in the game. When presented with two possibilities, try to choose the one that will keep you young.

You want to finish this game as young as possible. Some decisions, such as smoking, will make you older. You will be higher on the steps that await you when you reach the end of the platform when you are young. You will have a great time in your life if you can take it a step further. Access this platform immediately, live vicariously through simulation and work to maintain your youth!

What lives can you gain in the game? What is the number of lives in the game? In each stage you can live a new life, but be careful to become too old before the game is over! Don't forget to get ready for the next life.

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