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About Rocket Punch 2 Online


The rocket puncher returns in Rocket Punch 2 for a fresh adventure! There's no use in continuing to speak when these people aren't paying attention to you! It's now up to your fists to talk! Are you prepared to use your punches to explain yourself? Good luck and have a good time!

The city has been silent for some time, but your adversaries have returned! It's time for Rocket Puncher to return to his hometown! A fantastic hero emerges with his wonderful unique power to vanquish all of the world's adversaries! If you're ready, press the play button and let's get started with the game. In this game, you will utilize your abilities to unleash your rocket fist at any foes in your path. Your goal is to assist the stickman hero in drawing the rocket punches' course. To achieve this, all you need is your mouse. Because your opponents are far away, start the line by clicking on the screen and dragging it in the direction where you want his punch to land and knock the enemy down. Smash through the barriers and detonate the explosives! As you go through the game, the stages will become increasingly difficult, so be prepared for the challenges! You only have three lives to defeat them; if you don't, you'll have to start over. Remember to utilize the money you earn at the end of each level to acquire new skins and fists. 


  • 50 levels to complete
  • Fun and challenging gameplay
  • New skins to unlock
  • 2D graphics

How to play

You can use your mouse to control this game

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