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About Robo Battle


The battle of the robots is about to begin! Your small robot is on a mission that must be completed! Join him as he annihilates his foes! In this fascinating robot combat game, be courageous and battle for victory! Are you all set? Best of luck!

It's time to start a revolution! This game will put your logic and wit to the test! This game is for you if you are brave enough to battle for victory! Your goal is to defeat the lasers of other battle robots in order to win. You'll have to contend with a wide range of opponents and obstacles. The outcome is determined by the performance of your robot and the plan he employs. You may begin the game by pressing the play button. There are 18 levels to complete and 54 stars to acquire. The game will become more difficult as you progress through the stages. You may operate your robot with the arrow keys and fire a weapon with the left mouse button. He'll have to battle his way out of the virtual jails. Spiky flooring, lasers, prickly wheels, and other hazards will be present. If you want to keep your robot alive, you must dodge them. Otherwise, he will be annihilated! Are you prepared to control your robot in order to keep him alive? Best of luck! 


  • Shooter game
  • 2D graphics
  • Intuitive controls
  • Addictive gameplay

How to play

You can use your WASD keys and your mouse to play this game.

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