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About Parkour Block 4

How to play

Parkour Block 4 is an action game where you jump on the blocks to overcome lava. If you fall to the lava, the game will end and you have to replay that level.

If you want to explore the 3D world, Parkour Block 4 is your perfect choice. In this game, your main target is to go to the portal gate to pass the level. However, you have to overcome lava to reach the destination. Press the space bar to jump up. Moreover, you can use the up and down to move forward and backwards. Use the left and right arrows to move left and right. One special thing in the game is you will play in first-person which helps you have a thrilling feeling. When playing in first-person, you will get into some trouble because you can’t identify the blocks to jump. Therefore, you can swipe the mouse to see your position and the blocks and don’t fall into the lava.

The game offers 3 modes, including level select, hardcode and speedrun mode. How many levels in each mode can you pass? Click the game to know. You can play the game in your free time or after a long day to relax and have fun. Moreover, it also enhances your skills. 

Features of Parkour Block 4

  • Jump on the blocks to get over the lava
  • Reach the destination
  • Enter the portal gate to pass the level 


How to control

  • The space bar to jump

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