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About Ninja Wall Runner


Ninja Wall Runner is a game that collects high scores by jumping over existing statues and avoiding obstacles, can you prolong this game?

Prepare to test your quick reflexes as you navigate an endless level of deadly dangers in Ninja Wall Runner. It's simple to cover a lot of ground when running. The actual difficulty comes from climbing the wall. What heights do you believe you can reach?

Ninja have a number of skills, some of which include the ability to disappear, attack with their katana, and throw shurikens. Another is climbing the wall! To earn a high score in this game you have to sprint as high as possible. Although it looks difficult, the game is actually quite easy to operate. The game will launch when you click the play button on the main menu.

Your character will start running when you click on the screen. There are many hurdles on your way. You will die if you hit them, so be careful. By clicking on the screen you can switch sides. While in the air, you can switch sides. To avoid dying, click only when you need to. You can check how many gems you currently have in the top left corner of the screen. Maintain your focus on the screen while collecting as much as you can.

You can use mouse to play this game

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