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About Money Mover 3


One of the scariest places to be a guard is a jail full of dangerous convicts trying to escape, but in Money Movers 3, take your faithful guard dog and put an end to this prison break. With their tattooed arms and intimidating looks, these crooks may believe they can intimidate you, but when your trusty canine companion confronts them, expect to see them sobbing in terror. Take command of the guard and his dog, and teach the inmates that they aren't going anywhere while you are watching!

In this third game in the Money Movers series, take control of a guard and his companion guard dog to try to prevent convicts from fleeing from the jail for the first time. The jail is loaded with surveillance cameras, laser detectors, platforms, and a variety of other puzzle components, much like the other entries in this fascinating series. Each level requires you to manage both the guard and the dog, and you must do so in order to accomplish it. Your goal as a player is to arrest every convict in each stage. These are the most dangerous inmates, and they are not going to give up easy. If you approach an inmate only with the guard character, theyll beat you up and youll lose the game. To successfully put these criminals in chains, you need the help of your dog. Control both of the characters to solve the puzzles, move the platforms, and clear a path to the prisoners. Take the dog to the prisoners first to make them surrender in fear and then you can bind them with your guard. Similar to the other Money Movers games, there are money bags in each level that you should collect to unlock subsequent levels. Keep your guard up and maintain order! 

Feature : 

  • Control a prison guard and his guard dog
  • 20 levels
  • 2D graphics
  • Entertaining puzzles

How to play

Use the arrow keys to control the dog. Use the WASD keys to control the guard.

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