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About Levels at game run 3


Run 3 is an addictive running game, in this game you need to help the alien guy move through the levels, go as far as possible.

You can transform into an alien to explore the endless universe, join the adventure of an alien and start moving, there are many debris and black holes in front of you, jump in time past and proceed to the blue box pieces. Your task is to run as long as possible while avoiding falling into deep space.

Run 3's exploration mode now features 309 playable levels. There are two minigames, two side tunnels, 20+ levels in the main tunnel, 65 levels in the sub-tunnel, and plenty of matching cutscenes.

The more money you can get the longer you run. In addition, you can get money by getting rewards for each achievement. To unlock character skins, use earned coins
Exploration mode is the main attraction of run 3 game, wish you to pass many levels!

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