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About Lampada Street


Lampada Street is located in the city of Lampada. The roads leading to Lampada City are quite congested. Will you be able to transport all three of these strange pedestrians to Lampada Street safely? Each one is a walking light bulb, so it goes without saying that they're sensitive. In this 3D road crossing game, you'll have to assist them escape rushing automobiles, distracted bicycles, inattentive joggers, and the occasional street sign. They may even find themselves in the thick of a marathon or evading drivers who appear to be stars in a Fast and Furious film! You should also check Boeing Flight Simulator and Traffic Run if you appreciate time management games. 


How to play

Lampada Street is a running game that features gorgeous 3D graphics and addictive gameplay. Do your best to get each light bulb safely across all of the roads as they make their way toward Lampada City. 

Game control: 

  • PRESS ANY KEY to run. 
  • PRESS THE SPACEBAR to jump.  

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