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How many levels does run 3 have?

About How many levels does run 3 have?


run 3 is an extremely addictive game, help the alien guy run/jump through the levels without falling down by running through the green blocks

This is a type of exploration and conquest game, the main skill you need to use is the agility of your fingers combined with the agility of your eyes to run away from about to break wooden blocks and black holes.

The more coins you can get the longer the run the better. In addition, getting incentives for each success allows you to earn money. Character skins can be unlocked with earned coins.

In Run 3's Discovery Mode, there are currently 309 levels that can be played. There are two mini-games, Main Tunnel with 65 levels, more than 20 sub-tunnels, and synchronized cutscenes between multiple levels.

By entering Discovery Mode and meeting requirements such as completing Level 10 or the Low Power Tunnel, you can unlock Skater, Lizard, and Child. The same is true for Winter and Halloween Outfits.

Don't worry about anything, you will get used to it after the first few plays, how many levels will you pass in this fun game

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