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About How do you play the game run?


run 3 is a game where you will play as an alien who must run as far as possible through the tunnels and avoid the depths of the abyss!

Explore the vast universe by transforming into an alien. Play this game now to join the alien adventure. Your goal is to keep moving for as long as possible without reaching the bottom of the universe. You have to jump over or slide along the many walls with holes inside the track to turn the entire corridor.

How to play this game is very simple, there are 2 game modes for you to choose
To jump and switch platforms, press the up or right arrow keys simultaneously.
The number of hurdles will automatically increase as you run and reach a predetermined race length.
Keep in mind that some of the brown lines will disappear as you go up.
Therefore, when coming to these roads, run as fast as you can..

The more coins you can get the longer the run the better. In addition, getting incentives for each success allows you to earn money. Character skins can be unlocked using earned coins

The game is simple but needs you to be flexible and skillful to show through different levels, as many levels as possible
Wish you reach the highest level at this game

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