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About Heroes Inc


Heroes Inc is an enjoyable game in which you have to control a superhero to destroy the bad robots. On your road, don’t forget to get the items and coins.

Come to the game, you need to control the superhero avoid the enemies’ attack and defeat them. Your superhero is powered up with magical equipment in a laboratory. You have to equip your superhero before he takes part in a battle. You can collect the items which are from the robots and get coins by hitting the blue boxes. Take care of your blood bar and avoid all the ammo of enemies. 

The robots are instead of humans and they want to dominate the world. You are a superhero in this story, level up your character and beat them now. The game is a good way to relax after a long day. Moreover, there are many interesting features in the game, click on the game now to explore. 

Features of Heroes Inc

  • The music and sound effect are good
  • Power up your character
  • Break the boxes and destroy enemies to get coins and items

How to control

  • Swipe the mouse to control the character

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