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About Handstand Run


Handstand Run is a fun game, move with your hands and balance on obstacles, control the tilt of your body and do not fall

An interesting game called Handstand Run allows you to move with your hands to challenge you, your hands will save you from falling, so practice your hands and start the quest new service

In the game Handstand Run, you will have to run with your feet in the air and your head on the ground. Many people have the misconception that growing bananas is a particularly difficult activity. But the truth is that you can move your legs like a banana tree and even start running! Test yourself now to see how well you can accomplish these tasks.

This 3D game gives you the chance to participate in an exotic event. You are competing with another individual and the goal is to beat your opponent to the finish line. If you can pass the platform before your opponent, you will complete the level successfully. You'll need to move quickly as you navigate the platform's various inclines and declines. However, remember that you are actually walking on a banana tree. You always have the option to modify the position of the pin to make it faster or slower. Also, be careful not to slip and tip over. Now is the time to find out if you have what it takes to win this particular challenge. Good luck!

If you enjoy playing this entertaining 3D platform game, you should come to Pokey Stick, which is also a 3D game but allows you to move in a completely different way.

Colorful 3D graphics
Many levels to complete
Visual skills
Fun, entertaining, addictive, easy-to-play experience

You can use the mouse to play, drag horizontally to change the inclination of the characters and move

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