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About Halloween Island Running


Halloween Island Running is an adventure game in which you have to run away from the bad guys on Halloween island. Collect as many coins as you can.

Welcome to the Halloween island where you have to control the character to avoid the obstacles on the road. You should collect all the coins to change new skins. Moreover, some boxes on the road also include interesting things. You have to control your character move left, right, jumping over, roll under the obstacles. Besides, pressing the up arrow also helps to attack the enemies on the road. 

The character is kidnapped by terrible people and he is waiting for your help. Run as fast as possible and avoid all the obstacles and the monsters in the way. Keep your mind that if you hit any objects on the road, your character will be the locals’ dinner. The game is a good method to kill time and have fun after a long day. 

Features of Halloween Island Running

  • Easy gameplay and control simple
  • Avoiding the obstacles 
  • Fun and exciting game

How to control

  • Use arrow keys to control the character

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