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About Four In A Row


Four In A Row is an exciting game of calculating moves, placing four balls of the same color in a vertical, horizontal, diagonal row, you will win.

Playing this entertaining game will enhance your cognitive function and strategic thinking. In a match, you have to plan your tactics for each play if you want to overcome and defeat your opponent. You'll also need to remember your opponent's every move so you can quickly analyze the pros and cons of their next play.

Have you ever played XO game? This is similar. When it's your turn, look around the board to see if there are groups of three discs in any direction. If you can block that fourth place, drop one of your pieces. If you can't close the gap immediately, or if it's in the second row, try not to place your pieces below the winning position.

Any horizontal or diagonal four-part series with a center control must include an element from the center column. In turn, this gives players controlling the post more than one chance to connect the four opposing defenders. As many pieces as possible in the center of the early game will help you make a decision.

Observe your opponents carefully. You should be able to infer your opponent's strategy from the positions of their pieces after a few games. Track their movements throughout each set to determine the best action for you. For example, if you see your opponent has set up a two-man row with space on each side, block one of your colored sides. They won't be able to start a successful row in the long run thanks to this.

You have to prepare your moves in advance, just like in a game of chess, to decide on a play that can beat your opponent. When working out your strategy, consider how your opponent will react to your next move. If you keep an eye on one part of the board, it's wiser to try to redirect your opponent by forcing them to impede your movement elsewhere. Do you have any plans yet?

Check figure 7. To be sure to win, arrange your pieces in the shape of a '7.' With two gaps at the end of the horizontal line, ideally the horizontal and diagonal lines of these three lines should be linked together. This way you can make your opponent fill a gap at the end of the horizontal line so you can complete the diagonal and win by doing the same.

Place balls of the same color in the column one by one until you have 4 balls of the same color in a row. To drop your ball into a column on the board, click or click and drag it there. Win the game by placing 4 pieces in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal pattern. You can compete online or against other players, the computer or your friends.

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