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About Fail Run Online


Fail Run Online is a simple game, because they do not control their feet, help the character to walk in a balanced way and not fall to the finish line.

To do each step in a balanced way is not a simple thing. This game not only helps you to appreciate your own gait in reality, but also practice patience when adjusting the steps so that the game character does not trip.

This game teaches patience as you change your steps to prevent the game character from tripping, and also teaches you to appreciate your own progress in real life.

The whereabouts of this unfortunate man are still unknown. Also, it's hard for us to understand why he chose to go for walks in such unusual locations. He needs support, that's for sure. Assist him in completing the stages and crossing the finish line. Just a mouse or finger will do. It also helps you have a little patience.

To help him advance, click or tap the screen. He moves faster if the button is held down. He first appeared to be unable to run. But as you get better at it, it becomes simpler to control it! Earn coins for completing levels that allow you to buy new skins from the in-game store.

Don't forget to login and get your daily spins for many goodies! You can do anything in life if you can always get him to walk away.

Please use mouse or touch control to play this game

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