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About Extreme Cycling


Extreme Cycling allows you to ride with the wind! Keep a firm grip on your bike because the wind is ready to take you on a wild trip. Now is the time to get on your bike and have some fun on the track!

You'll be competing in a major bike race alongside a large number of other cyclists. You will have the time of your life since it will take place in the center of mother nature. It will just take a few minutes to immerse yourself in this universe thanks to the incredible 3D visuals. When your character is riding its bike, you will even feel the breeze of fresh air. Throughout the game, you will be offered a variety of music to listen to. Each of the tracks has its own set of parameters. You'll be in the heart of a forest at moments, and riding your bike on stones at others. In any case, as long as you cross the finish line, you will be free to walk about the region where you are riding. Collect money after each successfully completed level to use them to unlock new skins! Are you ready to ride your bike around and claim the title of champion? 


  • 3D colorful and realistic graphics
  • Skins to unlock
  • Various tracks in different environments
  • Addictive roadmap to freely drive through
  • Assistive arrow to show the finish line

How to play

You can use the left-click and the cursor or the arrow keys to accelerate and rotate the bike

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