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About Endless Runner 3D


Endless Runner 3D is fascinating endless running game, run as far as you can avoid the cop behind and all the obstacles and get high score

For fans of Subway Runner, this unique and chaotic running game is a treat. It's an adventure game where you have to race through the subway and collect all the coins to get to new levels.

The ideal area to score points and get prizes if you are a good runner is this. Invite your friends to participate in a friendly contest with you to collect coins and win exciting prizes waiting for you all.

As you can see, this young man has no business underground, where train accidents are frequent. If a police officer watches you, Oh, look, it's him! However, we won't accept it, will we?

Better get out of here, young man! This officer can only eat your dust, so running is winning! Don't forget to wear your headphones. It seems like the perfect time to listen to 'Run Boy Run' right now, don't you think? To get a high score, your goal is to run as far as possible.

You will face many challenges as you go to freedom. Intentionally avoid colliding with any other containers or barriers you come across. However, this trip also has some positive surprises for you. Occasionally, power-ups can appear and allow you to collect twice as many diamonds as normal. Running more will help you find new possibilities.

- Left arrow - Move left
- Right arrow - Move right
- Arrow up - Jump down
- Arrow down - Move down
- Space - Use Hoverboard

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