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About Drift F1


Drift F1 is an interesting game, you can realize the goal of conquering difficult tracks. The turns in this updated version are more difficult.

To complete the level, your objective is to drive your car around narrow corners and over obstacles. Unlock progressively challenging maps by gathering money, upgrading your car, and succeeding in the game. There are different characteristics on every car and every map. Simply click to go left or right and release the button to move straight while operating the car. Timing the moment to turn is a game-winning strategy. There will be challenging areas in Drift F1, but by practicing more and more, you may become better at it. Due to the unique narrowness of each platform, turning requires precise judgment.

Aspects of Drift F1 include:

It is easy to play with one-button controls.
platforms and vehicles with unlockable doors.
On the leaderboard, list the top 10 players for each level.
On tablets and smartphones, play is possible using touch control.
Nobody can prevent you from enjoying delightful, tranquil moments on our website. Drift Hunters is a great game to play in addition to Drift F1 if you want to enjoy more brand-new fun.

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