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About Danger Dash


In the game Danger Dash, you have to go as far as you can as quickly as you can. When you were trying to go about your work as the daring hunter that you are in the center of the wild animals, all of a sudden you were being followed by dangerous tigers. To get away from the tigers at this point, you have to run as if there is no tomorrow.

Come and experience the thrill of being this close to the gigantic hungry tigers who are chasing you. Now, all that is required of you is to run at a rate of speed that prevents the tigers from catching up to you. However, this won't be as simple as it seems like it will be. In the center of this tropical jungle, the roadways are littered with barricades and other hazards that might cause you to lose your balance and tumble. Once you fall, you are gone for forever. Therefore, you should always be on the go and watch out for challenges. You may get around them by vaulting over them, sliding under them, or switching lanes dexterously whenever it's necessary to do so. Make it a priority to gather the coins you'll need to improve your survival abilities while you're out and about on the road. Simply go ahead and click the button labeled "Shop" to find out how much money you will need to invest on various items in order to become a great runner. In addition to this, make sure that you monitor your successes from the objectives area as well as your overall development.


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Rewarded ad available to respawn if you fail
  • Upgradable skills
  • Extra exp unlocked with daily missions to complete

How to play

You can use arrow keys to play this game

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