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About Crazy Tunnel 3D


Crazy Tunnel 3D is an amazing game where you own a magical ball. This ball can roll in the universe and your task is to help it avoid destruction. 

Have you ever wanted to control the magical ball in the orbits, Crazy Tunnel 3D can make your dream come true? You have to face the obstacles like circles and sharp spikes. If your ball touches them, it will be broken. So, you need to roll away from the sharp spikes and fly away from the small circle and land under the big circle. You can unlock other orbit styles like a nebula, and dark moon. Each orbit has its own different features, let’s unlock them to explore. The ball moves very quickly, so you should control it cleverly. The colourful graphics will make you surprised when playing the game. If you are confused about how to play, the tutorial mode can help you practice. 

Don’t wait anymore, come to the game to get the highest score and explore all the orbit styles. 

Features of Crazy Tunnel 3D 

  • The sound effects and music are fun
  • Attractive graphics
  • Children can play the game 

How to control

  • Left and Right keys to move sideways. 
  • Hold up key to jump, release up key to land

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