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About Coffee Stack


Coffee Stack is an interesting game where you have to serve coffee in a strange cafe shop. You need to serve many cups of coffee at the same time. 

If you are finding a new game, Coffee Stack can meet your demand. You have to bring the cups of coffee to customers in a conveyor belt. It sounds amazing. On the conveyor belt, you have to avoid obstacles like spikes, saw blades, knives, etc because they can break your cups of coffee. Moreover, you need to move the cups under the coffee machine, cover the cups up and stick the labels on the cups of coffee. When you finish all the steps, you can serve the coffee to the customers. Try your best to keep all the cups safely until the customers hold them. You can gain much money if you can serve many cups of coffee. 

The strange coffee service in the game can bring you a relaxing time and clear your mind after a long day. 

Features of Coffee Stack

  • Arcade game with many different levels
  • Children can play the game
  • The music and sound effects are fun 

How to control

  • Swipe the mouse to control the coffee

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