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About Body Race Online


Body Race Online is a game about healthy lifestyle. You need to collect green and healthy vegetables, choose the mode and start participating

Physique Race Online allows you to choose how your future body will appear. In this game, the results you experience will reflect the decisions you make, just like in real life. Just making an effort to make decisions based on as much information as possible will yield the greatest results. Do you believe you have the ability to control your emotions and make the best decisions for you?

In this game you have a lot of opportunities to put things in the right direction. You will find a wide range of possibilities to choose from across a variety of platforms available to you. There will be times when you can expect to eat burgers, ice cream and Coke, and other times when you can expect to eat healthy vegetables. Your character will eat the item in question when you choose an icon to go through, but which one is up to you. This is the most important factor that will decide whether you go to the next level or not.

You need to be under a specific weight to pass the level so you need to make decisions to keep your character's food balanced. Always choose healthier options at the restaurant and add more workout icons that will help your character lose weight. See if you can control your temptation and take it to new levels by reaching the ideal weight for you!

Vivid three-dimensional graphics.
There are many levels to complete.
Levels that are both entertaining and addictive
Intuitive controls
Hotspot to unlock

The mouse that comes with your personal computer can be used to control the movements of the characters and collect sundries.

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