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About Bitlife Life Simulator


Bitlife Life Simulator is a life simulator game in which you have to decide your life from the past to the future. Model citizen or die? It's your choice.

Are you satisfied with your current life? Do you regret anything in the past? What do you wish for in the future? These things seem uncontrollable in the real world. However, coming to this game, you can experience a new life to make your own choices.

You can make all the right choices to be a model citizen. You can marry your true love, start a family, and receive a good education. You can, however, make decisions that terrify your parents. You can fall into a life of crime, fall in love or go on adventures, start prison riots, smuggle, and cheat on your spouse. You make up your story.

Features of Bitlife Life Simulator

  • Life Simulator
  • Various job
  • Relationships

How to play

  • Use mouse to play

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