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About Apple Worm


Apple Worm is a really engaging game where your goal is to guide a green worm through a series of levels using the arrow keys so it can eat the apple.

The main character of this exciting video game is an aggressive worm that must eat apples to grow in size and eventually reach the finish line. To assist the worm in swallowing all the apples before reaching the finish line, the game relies on an engaging game mechanic that at first glance seems simple. To be successful, however, you'll need to get into some math and pay attention. The game requires the player to think how to both eat the apple and avoid the fence on the next apple, which is only three squares long and involves moving and crossing gaps respectively. .

For starters, your worm is experiencing hunger. Try some delicious apples here in the maze. Consuming Apple speeds up the process of leaving the room. The caterpillar eats the apple causing it to grow larger in size. Then he will stoop to get there. Obviously it's impossible to eat an apple without falling or getting stuck somewhere in the process. In Apple Worm, it's important to give great thought to every step you take. If it doesn't happen, you have to start the level again. You should not worry because the game can be played as often as you choose. Play through a level, increasing the number of times will give you experience. Develop a strategic approach to completing that level using the information you have at your disposal.

These simple methods will get you to Apple Worm in no time.
Determine the length of your worm as well as its cleanliness. You should be able to go through them if the length of the worm is longer than the aperture.
The worm's body is flexible and can move and bend in a number of ways. Otherwise, this cannot be undone.
Playing in full screen mode will allow you to enjoy the game to the fullest.
If you want your body to look younger for a long time, eating apples is really necessary.
Even when you are actively participating in a game, all playback controls, game music, and sound effects can be accessed from the screen.
Use arrow keys or WASD to control your worm in this game.

At this level of Apple Worm, can you stay calm and focused for the entire time it takes to get to the end?

The goal of each level is to reach the exit gate. You can control your worm with the WASD keys or the arrow keys. If you can't get through the gate, you can try feeding the worms with apples. You won't risk getting stuck or sliding the level, right? In case you can't pass the level, you can restart it using the R button.

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