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Angry Gran Run Halloween Village

About Angry Gran Run Halloween Village


We're not sure why this grandmother is so enraged, but she's determined to vent her rage on the punks in Angry Gran Run Halloween Village, a humorous and wonderful game. Can you assist this vivacious grandmother in navigating the city's streets, which are festooned with various Halloween decorations, without colliding with various obstacles?

At first appearance, no one would believe that an enraged grandmother could compete with marathon runners, yet this grandmother has incredible stamina. You explore a city celebrating Halloween with various decorations and costumed individuals on the streets in Angry Gran Run Halloween Village. All of this ruckus is too much for the elderly gran, so she decides to show her neighbors that they should have kept their celebrations quieter. The goal of the game is for you to run as far as you can as the furious gran while avoiding the many hazards you'll come across in the streets. This excellent game combines action-packed gameplay with humorous animations. You may earn money by collecting them or kicking the punks you meet on the streets. With these coins, you may unlock alternative costumes for the furious gran to show the others that she, too, can enjoy and get into the holiday spirit, despite her age. You may also buy power-ups and upgrades in addition to outfits. How much longer can you keep the enraged old lady going?  


  • Missions and daily tasks
  • Hilarious gameplay
  • Different costumes to unlock
  • Different power-ups to buy

How to play

To go left and right, use the A and D keys. Jump over obstacles using the up arrow key and slip beneath them with the down arrow key. To turn corners, use the left and right arrow keys.

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